Boat Department

Boat Department Showroom - Andy and Bax

We have one of the largest boat showrooms in the United States. Our boat department has everything you need to get you out on the water. From a casual float or a fishing trip to a class five plus white water adventure, we can help you out. We stock brands such as Aire, Rocky Mountain Rafts, NRS, Maxxon, Innova, Solstice, Outcast and Intex. We carry a full range of drybags, dryboxes, PFD’s, drysuits, wetsuits, helmets, paddles, oars, coolers, repair advice and supplies, custom raft frames, as well as raft, kayak and cataraft packages.

  • Catarafts

    Catarafts provide quick response and added stability on the water.

  • Inflatable Kayaks

    We have several models of inflatable kayaks in our showroom.

  • Life Jackets

    We have a full range of life jackets ranging from basic to white water jackets.

  • Paddles and Oars

    We provide a huge selection of Paddles and Oars from top brands.

  • Rafts

    We have a huge selection of rafts for just about any type of trip.

  • Repair Supplies

    We have everything you need to repair your boat, float tube, air mattress, or tent.