Outdoor Clothing

Outdoor Clothing - Andy and Bax

Our selection of clothing is really quite diverse here at Andy and Bax. We have everything you need to get you out into the great outdoors. Everything from urban comfort to wilderness survival. We have a large selection of outdoor clothing such as wool hats, gloves, scarves, jackets, pants, shorts, rain gear, sweaters, thermal underwear, and boots. We have both new and used items and our stock rotates constantly.

  • Boots and Socks

    We have a extensive range of boots and socks to keep you warm and comfortable all throughout the year.

  • Coats and Parkas

    We have coats and parkas for conditions ranging from mid fall weather to the most extreme storms.

  • Dry Suits

    We are proud to provide our customers with quality made USA product.

  • Hats and Gloves

    We have a huge selection of hats and gloves in the shop.

  • Rain Gear

    We have rain gear such as ponchos, jackets, pants, bibs, hats, waterproof socks, and gloves.

  • Thermal Underwear

    We have a great selection of thermal underwear to keep you warm during the cold rainy months.

  • Wool Clothing

    Wool clothing is an essential part of living in a wet and cold environment like the Pacific Northwest.