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Outdoor Clothing

Outdoor Clothing - Andy and Bax

Our selection of clothing is really quite diverse here at Andy and Bax. We have everything you need to get you out into the great outdoors. Everything from urban comfort to wilderness survival. We have a large selection of outdoor clothing such as wool hats, gloves, scarves, jackets, pants, shorts, rain gear, sweaters, thermal underwear, and boots. We have both new and used items and our stock rotates constantly.

We have a wide range of items from head to toe such as hats, headwraps, goggles, sunglasses, neck warmers, scarves, t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, parkas, gloves, suspenders, belts, pants, shorts, thermal underwear, socks, boots, laces, rain gear, ghillie suits and coveralls. We also carry military BDUs, booney and patrol caps as well as kids camo and ladies clothing. New and military surplus items are all mixed into the store so if you are looking for something specific give us a call or email us for availability and pricing.

Call 503-234-7538 or email for availability and pricing.