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8’x8’ Canopy Tent

8’x8’ Canopy Tent - Andy and Bax

Looking for a canopy for Saturday market or outdoor fun? We carry ARS (Aluminum Rapid Shelter) canopies in 8×8 and 10×10, as well as sets of sidewalls extra canopy tops. We also carry a custom shelter called the Dryzone made for us by Beckel Canvas right here in Portland. It’s perfect for rafting and camping trips! We also carry one inch pipe fittings for custom shelter projects.

Call 503-234-7538 or email for availability and pricing.


  • 8’x8’ Canopy Tent
  • Straight Legs
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Heavy Duty Sidewalls Available
  • Call or email for availability and pricing
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Wool Clothing

Wool Clothing - Andy and Bax

Wool clothing is an essential part of living in a wet and cold environment like the Pacific Northwest. We have a great selection of wool clothing such as pants, tops, hats, gloves, sweaters, socks, scarves, thermal underwear, and coats. Our wool clothing is a mix of new and military surplus.

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